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Aaron Suvaljko Makes Flying Start To Driving Career

21 November 2023

Aaron Suvaljko at Collie making his debut. Photo Credit- Photography by Jessica Joy Photography

Aaron Suvaljko’s driving career is off to a good start, with the 16-year-old now sitting on two wins from just eight drives, since making his debut on the 5th of November 2023.

Getting his first win at just his third start, that was the icing on the cake for the youngster, with Aaron boasting that he got his win faster than his older brothers did when they made their break into the industry.

“It made me feel like all the effort I put in to get here was worth it,

“It was only made better by the fact that it took me less drives to get my first winner than it took my two brothers.”

On board his mum’s horse Isaidboo, the win landed Suvaljko his first ‘holiday’ after knocking over his brother in the race, but there were no ill feelings between the pair, with the brothers laughing it off on their way home from Narrogin on Friday, November 10.

“We all had a little laugh about it, but he told me I was lucky that I won, otherwise he was going to leave me in Narrogin.”

Taking a stay for his suspension, Aaron Suvaljko drove on Friday night at Wagin, and although Joseph Suvaljko came out on top in race five ahead of his brother Aaron, Aaron turned it around in race six, getting the win on board Rocknroll Spirit for trainer Michael Young.

Suvaljko now spends 12 days on the sidelines after causing interference in race seven at Narrogin on November 10.

Growing up in the industry, Suvaljko made his start in Pony Trots as a youngster, and after completing his trials just weeks ago, he described his debut as an experience like nothing else.

“It was exhilarating, and really showed me how different trials and races actually are.”

Suvaljko is yet another success story coming out of Pony Trots in WA.

Following in his mum’s footsteps (Sarah Suvaljko) who also claimed her first driving success at just her third start in a race, Suvaljko has had plenty of help along the way, and looks to have a bright future ahead of him.

“Mum always has my best interest at heart and helps me as much as she can,

“Along with my brothers, whether it's helpful criticism or just yelling at me when I do something wrong,

“Michael (Young) watched my trial and race drives and walks me through it,

“And Dylan (Egerton-Green) has also been a great mentor, so a big thank you to all of them.”

Sarah Suvaljko now has her three boys, Joseph, Daniel, and Aaron out there driving, and did joke that the boys would now have to ‘paper, scissors, rock’ for the drives, but it’s an accomplishment she’s extremely proud of.

“It hasn’t been easy raising three boys on my own, but now watching them all out there following their dreams and doing what they love makes me so proud.” Sarah said.

It’s not just harness racing that Aaron shows a passion for, with Suvaljko representing Australia in the under 18 IMGA World Team Champions (Mounted Games), with this year’s attempt landing them gold when they head East to Werribee Victoria in October.


Ashleigh Paikos