Racing WA

Westchase incentive scheme


Racing WA (RWWA) funds racing industry breeding incentive schemes to foster and promote the local racing animal product.

Benefits of these schemes include:

  • Potential to increase the financial rewards associated with owning and racing a locally bred horse or greyhound and therefore encourage owners to remain in the industry longer and possibly extend the level of their investments
  • Encouragement for local breeders to source quality sires and/or dams in order to develop well-bred progeny and improve Western Australian bloodlines
  • Provide breeders with the opportunity to access an on-going revenue stream from the racing animals they’ve previously sold, via their racing performances
  • Maintenance and possible growth of local support industries, e.g., veterinarians, feed merchants, product suppliers, service providers etc.

For more information on the breeding incentive scheme for greyhound racing in Western Australia, WESTCHASE, please see below.